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Today, we will release version 2. This way, you can finally browse the media library or network services without interrupting playback. Version 2. Please scroll down if you are curious about the details. This major update is the result of 3 months of work and I would like to thank Tobias , Carola and Pierre for their dedication to make this possible.

Today, we released version 2.

VLC Media Player (Mac) - Download - COMPUTER BILD

We added support for iCloud Drive, box. As part of iCloud Drive, you can have access to any cloud storage enabled app on iOS 8 and later. For box. Due to popular request, you can also lock the UI and rotation during playback. One last thing: you can share your media library between multiple devices on the same local network now! After a 5 month hiatus and a couple of delays in between, we are very happy to release version 2. Please see our press release for cross-platform information.

As an introductory remark, make sure to get the legitimate version of VLC. We sent 39 DMCA take down notices against 48 apps over the cause of the last 12 months and in the end, we always succeeded. However, this can take up to 3 months, even for seemingly obvious violations. Further, we are excited about the things we have in our pipeline for the forthcoming releases. A first beta of version 2. This gives you an array containing as many dictionaries as the media contains tracks, be it video, audio or subpictures subtitles, teletext.

All tracks will include information about the respective codec, bitrate and encoding details. Depending on track type, keys for video dimensions, audio channel numbers or text encoding will be set as well as an optional key for language. Retrieving this property can potentially be very expensive, especially if your media is stored remotely as VLCKit will synchronously parse the source to provide this information.

Therefore, we recommend you to cache this data, as it will probably not change during the lifetime of the VLCMedia object. Releases following VLCKit 2. On mobile devices, you might run into the question if a given device is powerful enough to decode a given video file. Note that this property will always be true on OS X. Now, what about non-technical information about the media contents? To retrieve them, VLCKit needs to parse the source.

This can be done both synchronous and asynchronous depending on the needs of your application. VLCMedia includes an optional delegate protocol, which allows you to follow meta data processing by receiving notifications every time further information becomes available as well as once parsing finished.

Downloading and Installing VLC Media Player for Mac

VLCKit can provide up to 17 different meta data keys with more to come in subsequent releases. While it allows to fetch them one by one, we recommend you to fetch the full dictionary using:. If you have write access to your media source, you can also set values for the respective keys and save them to disk. The next part of this series will be about thumbnail creation. VLCKit is a generic library for any audio or video playback needs on both Apple platforms and also supports streaming and media to file conversations on the Mac.

It is open-source software licensed under the LGPLv2. When do you need VLCKit? Your media source is not your mobile device and not a basic HTTP server either, but perhaps a live stream hailing from some weird media server or even a raw DVB signal broadcasted on a local network? Then, VLCKit is for you. But this is open-source software right?

What does this mean for me and the end-user? First of all, open-source means for you, that you get access to the whole stack. There is no blackbox, all the sources are there at your fingertips.

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No reverse-engineering needed, no private APIs. Then again, this must not be the case for your software.

The LGPLv2. For further details, please read the license and consult your lawyer with any questions you might have. Regarding the removal of MobileVLC, the world moved on a bit. While this looks like a play on characters, it is of major importance regarding distribution on the Mac or iOS App Store.

Any layer can only communicate with the layer above and the layer below. Therefore, decoders are four abstraction layers away from the client app developer. Why is that a good thing? By having a decent amount of abstraction, it is no longer necessary for you to know which library is taking care of the decoding, rendering or parsing.

You are wondering whether you need to decode your certain video in a multi-threaded or single-threaded way, think that decoding might be accelerated through the hardware in the iPhone 5S and above, but pondering what to do with older releases? However, we allow flexibility.

I think it's the default mac theme right now!!! It doesn't work in el capitan? You should totally make a Windows version!! FezVrasta Professional General Artist.

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Any chance to get a 3. How can I restore the non-stripy bottom bar of my VLC? I don't really like the new stripy one after your update.

Thanks for making this theme. Like the Slim Bean theme here baklay. Glad you like it.

I can't because I don't have any idea about programming. If so, I'd have changed a lot. Thus I needed to keep the original position of the elements and just changed the design. How do I use the Dark Theme? Go to settings and click "Dark". Wish someone would port it to windows. Absolutely love this theme, to the point that I'm too ginger to install 2. Thank you! I will adjust it soon so that you're able to use this theme with 2.

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