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To download, open the App Store from the Download page by tapping the first green button, labeled "Available on the App Store. To start the download, click the second green button, labeled "Download for Windows. Before opening the app, make sure your machine has the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser installed. Once you've installed the McCarthy Music app and if you're on a PC or Mac, ensured you have the latest version of Chrome , find the McCarthy Music app icon on your iPad screen or in your Applications or Programs folder and tap or double-click to open it.

Connect your keyboard piano to your iPad or computer.

UPDATED: Find the perfect MIDI keyboard for your music production setup

This can be done one of two ways:. Note: iPad 2 doesn't support Bluetooth 4. Once your keyboard is connected, you can edit its settings or leave them as they are. To continue, click "Next. If you've already registered online, you don't need to fill out the form; just tap or click "Sign in here" to the right of the form to get to the login screen, then sign in using your registered email and password. Speak at a normal volume and you should see the audio meter registering your voice.

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If the meter does nothing, you may need to adjust your microphone volume or choose a different microphone from the dropdown menu. This turns your Mac sounds into a simple line in, and you can raise or lower levels on the mixer. Just a little 4 channel one is all you need.

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard

Also, your volume knob on your keyboard will turn your piano, or whatever sound you are running from your keyboard up down or obviously, off if you want it or are working in Logic, garage band, whichever. Another option if you happen to already use Google Chrome is just using a "web audio" synth of some kind. These are virtual instruments written in JS that run in a web browser.

There are a lot of demos around and some of them support using a MIDI controller. For instance here's one that emulates a DX You won't get the greatest performance or latency, so it's really not for serious work. But if it's just to "play a few notes here and there", it may be just what you need given that you can just keep a browser tab open or click a bookmark to get to it. The one caveat, besides the performance, is that only Google Chrome and other browsers based on the Blink browser engine support web MIDI so far.

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Based on previous posts, I was about to give it up and just use Garageband. But GMP is doing exactly what I wanted: simple interface that allows me to pick out my harmony parts in vocal performance music using my little Akai MPK mini. This is fairly space-hungry for something not actively contributing to life--but I won't leave it on all the time.

It's up and running very quickly, so no big deal.

Oh, and it stays available even when the screen times out--When it's on, it's on. Before you discount simply leaving Garage Band running, try. Yes, it can use a lot of resources. But today's computers HAVE a lot of resources - a ridiculous amount, if the other tasks are things like writing a document or doing email - and you're only asking GB to manipulate the samples for one instrument.

Sounds like swapping your keyboard for one with onboard sounds might be a good buy for you though. It doesn't have to be expensive. I used to use AU Lab for this purpose, but it slowed down the system considerably. Then I discovered Hosting AU and never looked back.

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Asked 5 years, 9 months ago. Active 1 year ago. Viewed 25k times. Is it possible? Leave GarageBand running in the background at all times? I do just that pretty frequently. There is a tradeoff between performance and sample quality SimpleSynth could do the same thing with a fraction of the resources , but when you're running 16 gigs of RAM it's less of an issue.

Yes it is possible. Using your Mac If you want your Mac to be part of the system, you'll need to leave your Mac on running the software that is producing the sounds at all times, but that doesn't seem to match a "simple always-on piano". There are modules of all the price range. Lyd Lyd A list of synth modules is horribly incomplete without mention of Roland. Pianoteq Stage is available in a free limited demo version; download it and give it a try.

Turn Your Mac Keyboard Into a GarageBand Piano

I'm going to assume that you don't want to buy sound-generating hardware to replace your Mac. So : Find an Audio Unit plugin that makes the sound you want. KVR Audio has a searchable database of audio plugins. I have not tried it myself, so this is not a recommendation. It claims to be "small on memory and CPU usage". There also are Simple Synth around here.

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Even if the app is lightweight itself, the AU samplers it will run tend to furiously eat resources. It will slow down his system considerably. That's an important thing to take into consideration: the app is one thing, but the AUs will ask for their own piece of the pie. JCPedroza "Furiously"? Surely that depends on the AU. The options run the full gamut from a simple FM Synth should be very resource-light to something with multiple high-bitrate samples for each note will chew up memory.

How To Record The Sound Of Your Keyboard On Your PC/Mac/Laptop

Slim I referred to AU samplers specifically, not synths. Since the question was regarding both piano and synth sounds, I assumed that he'll need both samplers and synths. JCPedroza OK, yes, if you want to make memory-intensive noises, you can't avoid using memory. Although as discussed, if you stop playing, and the system needs the RAM, the OS is likely to swap those blocks to disk. Ramon Smits Ramon Smits 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. This is actually pretty easy to do if your keyboard has its own sounds.