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Bertaggia Calderara; L. While the clinical relevance of COAT PLTs is increasingly recognized, dichotomous intracellular signaling pathways generating a subpopulation displaying procoagulant activity instead of aggregation endpoints are still not fully elucidated. Aims: As cytosolic ion fluxes play an important role in PLT activation, here we propose a continuous flow cytometry kinetic monitoring of calcium, sodium and potassium fluxes during generation of procoagulant COAT PLTs.

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PLTs were simultaneously activated with thrombin and convulxin collagen receptor GPVI agonist and each ion indicator fluorescence was continuously acquired over time on an Accuri C6 flow cytometer. Procoagulant COAT PLTs demonstrated high and sustained cytosolic calcium concentrations up to micromolar range , decreased sodium concentrations after a transient increase, and important potassium efflux. Conclusions: We demonstrated a characteristic dichotomous mobilization patterns following PLT activation with thrombin and convulxin.

This work reveals peculiar ion flux kinetics during procoagulant response, diverging from an initial common aggregating response. This method allows to investigate the differential modulation of biological messengers leading to procoagulant response. Murphy 1 ; I. Montaner 3 ; V. Thijs 4 ; L. Marquardt 5 ; P. Kelly 6 ; P. Bath 7 ; G. Ford 8 ; B. Norrving 9 ; D. Cox 10 ; D. Background: The use of arachidonic acid AA to stimulate platelets is considered the most specific approach to study aspirin treatment efficacy.

However, very high concentrations of AA are used, and it has been previously reported that AA can induce cell lysis. Several clinical studies have reported decreased responses to AA in whole blood tests in the presence of clopidogrel. Aims: To investigate whether cell lysis could lead to unspecific effects contributing to platelet activation in situations where AA is used as platelet agonist. Methods: Blood from healthy donors was collected after informed consent in a procedure approved by the local ethics committee.

The appearance of platelet and red blood cell fragments as well as activated platelets was detected using flow cytometry. Results: We found that cell lysis, especially of red blood cells, does occur at the concentrations of AA used in the clinically used tests 0. In flow cytometry, very limited platelet activation was detected before reaching AA concentrations where cell lysis also occurred, making it problematic to develop a reliable flow cytometry test using AA as platelet agonist. Our findings highlight some issues with AA as reagent for platelet activation, which also have an impact on how platelet activation assays using AA should be interpreted.

Dixon 1 ; J. Kotha 1 ; L. Jennings 1,2. As density increases, platelet collisions increase resulting in a greater rate and extent of platelet aggregation. Granule secretion is based on platelet density and serves to stabilize platelet aggregates. Platelet activation was assessed by measuring nmoles ATP released.

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Results: PRP preparation resulted in a 2. Granule secretion was significantly dependent upon platelet count even when there was no difference in MA response. Granule secretion was not detected due to sample processing. Platelet count adjustment played a greater role with lower dose agonists. Thus, when evaluating platelet function, it is recommended that platelet counts are standardized, especially if platelet reactivity may be influenced by granule secretion. Manukjan 1 ; O. Andres 2 ; H.

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Schulze 1. Background: Many patients with bleeding diathesis do not obtain a diagnosis even after expanded testing. Flow cytometry has a strong operating power allowing function testing of resting and activated platelets at single cell level with only minute amounts of blood. With this approach, platelet degranulation could easily be quantified.

Aims: We developed and evaluated a kinetic mepacrine assay, with which we measure its uptake into dense granules and release in response to agonists over time. In contrast to endpoint measurements we intended to obtain refined insight into the loading capacity of platelet dense granules and the feasibility and dynamics of degranulation. The difference in MFI values indicated storage and release capacities.

Results: We evaluated our kinetic approach on a cohort of 50 childhood storage pool disease SPD patients and could corroborate its specificity. We were able to subgroup SPD patients by either storage uptake , release or combined defects, opening more precise therapeutic opportunities. Nagy 1 ; T. Geer 1 ; S. Heising 1 ; G. Di Nunzio 1 ; J. Mori 1 ; R.

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Gareus 2 ; G. Desanti 3 ; A. Mazharian 1 ; Y. Senis 1. Notably, no significant GFP expression was detected in erythrocytes or leukocytes from these mice. Direct comparison of Csk , Shp1 and CD conditional KO mice generated using either deleter strain revealed similar platelet phenotypes. Popov 1,2 ; H. Bumbea 3 ; I.

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Dumitru 4 ; B. Matei 5 ; C. Oktaviani Matei 5 ; M. Omer 1 ; M.

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Andreescu 6 ; O. Patrinoiu 6 ; F. Mihai 6 ; T. Savopol 7 ; A. Vladareanu 8 ; E. Kovacs 9 ; M. Moisescu Background: Patients with chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms MPNs had qualitative and quantitative modifications of platelet membrane receptors that are involved in alteration of platelet function. Aims: The aim of our study was to determine if changes of platelet membrane anisotropy FA could be correlated with alterations in expression of platelet receptors and reactive species production ROS.

Methods: This retrospective study included patients with MPNs as well as 10 controls. Fluorescence anisotropy FA was analysed depending ROS production and the expression of platelet membrane receptors measured by flow cytometry analyses. Patients with MPNs had higher level of reactive species production than controls group but was not observed any correlation with FA.

The correlation of expression of CD36 with ROS was not observed and need to be analysed in a higher lot of patient.

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Aims: The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of FXa on platelet activation, in vitro. In addition, the effect of FXa 0. Conclusions: FXa induces a slow but strong platelet activation, thus the direct oral anticoagulants that are used in clinical practice, apart from their anticoagulant action, may also exert significant antiplatelet effects. Garcia 1 ; S.

Zapilko 1 ; S. Nolli 1 ; J. Reny 1,2 ; P. Fontana 1,3. Platelet adhesion phenotype was assessed by perfusion of differentiated cells in a microfluidic system under a constant shear rate. Brett 1 ; B. Pougault 2 ; A.

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Castet 3 ; Y. Huguenin 3 ; A. Ryman 1 ; C. James 1 ; M. Fiore 1,4. This challenge can be overcome by performing platelet aggregometry in an automated method on a routine coagulation analyzer. Methods: Platelet rich plasma from patients with suspected platelet disorders, von Willebrand disease or antiplatelet therapy have been assessed using a wide range of agonist concentrations: ADP 0. Results: Platelet aggregometry studies were performed in 49 patients.