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Set font, size, typeface, opacity, color, and angle. Add text watermark to your images to send a specific message. Multi-watermarking NEW From now you can add several watermarks to a photo at once. Our image editor Mac app helps you elevate your image protection. PhotoBulk can dynamically reposition the text when you resize a multiline text watermark.

You can even move part of your watermark over the boundaries of a photo when needed. Resize Work with a large number of various images at a time with image resizer for Mac PhotoBulk is a great Mac image resizer that is very easy to use. You can change the width and height of many images at a time proportionally, by percentage, by maximum size or according to your custom dimensions.

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Thanks to PhotoBulk you can compress many images in a click, however even though the image size is reduced, the original resolution, quality, and format are left intact. Metadata NEW Manage metadata A high-demand feature is included in the latest version of PhotoBulk: you can select which of the metadata you want to be included in the resulting images.

Rename Keep your photo library in order You don't have to be guessing what those images contain anymore - rename many images at a time according to their contents, so that navigating to the ones you are about to share is a breeze. Resize your watermark and put it in the position you want.

PhotoBulk: Watermark, Resize, Optimize, Rename and Convert photos on Mac

Press the Stop button at the bottom of the Actions palette to stop recording. Close the image without saving it. Go to the File menu and choose Script, then Image Processor. Click Select Folder and navigate to the folder where your images are saved and click Open. Then, just below, do the same again, but this time navigate to the folder where you want to save the watermarked images.

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At the bottom of the window, click Run Action, and in the right-hand menu select the Action you created earlier. Click Run at the top of the window. Photoshop will now open all the images in the folder, one at a time, and watermark them then save them in the folder you specified. Batch watermark photos in butch with PhotoBulk app Watermarking images in batches is much easier in PhotoBulk than in Photoshop. Launch PhotoBulk.

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Check the box next to Watermark at the top of the sidebar. Choose whether you want a text, image, or date stamp for you watermark. If you chose text, you can now type or paste the text in the box and format it. If you chose image, click Browse to navigate to the image you want to use and select it.

PhotoBulk is a Mac image resizer

Drag the box with the watermark into position and resize it. Press Start, choose a folder to save the watermarked images and click Save. Get Setapp. More reads you might like.

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