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This information remains on our site for archive purposes. EyeConnect from Elgato is an easy-to-use streaming media server that lets you watch videos, listen to music or view pictures on your HDTV.

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This may be fine for a Mac dedicated to a home entertainment system, but what about that big screen in your bedroom, with no Mac nearby? Installation is straightforward, with an included installer that walks you through the process. EyeConnect installs a system preference pane that you use to start or stop the EyeConnect media server, select the content that will be available for viewing or listening, and view some general info about the media server's status.

EyeConnect streams your selected content over your local network. This can be wired Ethernet or wireless The only requirement is that the UPnP media player must be a member of your network. Using the EyeConnect preference pane, you can select the type of content that EyeConnect will stream from your Mac. Currently, EyeConnect can stream any EyeTV recordings you have made, videos in MP4 format, music in various formats, your iTunes music library, and images. We just released a stand-alone StuffIt Expander installer for Tiger users to deal with that issue.

Symantec is working on solutions to allow compatibility between Mac OS X Entourage Attachment corruption After yesterday's initial report, we've received several notes from readers corroborating an issue where Entourage attachments become corrupt under Mac OS X One reader writes: "I have been experiencing a similar problem with Entourage I sent ZIP files, they can't be decompressed. I sent JPG files, they arrived in garbage at the sender image was flipped, readable, but the image was changed ,.

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I also sent SITX files that came out corrupted. At this point, two viable options have presented themselves: using an alternative e-mail application like Apple's own Mail. On one recipient system, the email is identified as having a virus attached or embedded.

On the other system, Word XP gives an error message about being unable to access the document? The attachment sent by way of Mail. That will take care of Mac OS X Entourage Attachment corruption An issue we've been dealing with in-house has now been confirmed by a handful of MacFixIt readers. It appears that on some Mac OS X When the user attempts to download the attachment, or open it from within Entourage, they are provided with a message by the host application the application opening the attachment that the file is not recognized or is not in a valid format.

Acrobat and Preview both refuse to open them. Looking at the files in a text editor, for instance, shows a significant difference in the code near the end. If you are having a similar issue, please let us know. Metadata is used by Spotlight to enable fast searching for files based on user-defined tags on those files. Retrospect cannot back up or restore the Tiger specific metadata, though the contents of the files are backed up.

ACLs allow for finer grained control of the permissions set on files and folders. Retrospect cannot back up or restore ACLs. If you use ACLs, you will need to reset them manually after restoring a Tiger server with Retrospect. This problem is only cosmetic. Erasing volumes or subvolumes on a Mac OS X Client running Tiger will fail with error network communication failed.

Fidelity Media Releases MegaSeg 3.1 Update for Mac OS X Tiger

Office and font corruption MacFixIt reader Philip De Simone reports an issue with Office and font corruption, apparently confirmed by Microsoft. Other programs, however, did not report that that these same fonts were corrupted. My system then became corrupt and crashed repeatedly. I contacted Microsoft tech support, but they were unfamiliar with the problem. I erased my hard disk, copied my bootable backup onto it with This resolved the issue.

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A few days later Microsoft called back and said that they had confirmed the problem. They recommend that Microsoft Office be uninstalled before updating to OS Some modules produce a runtime error causing a 'termination with a short dump". I am using a dual 2. The critical folder is called 'ScriptingAdditions' and is stored in the main Library folder. Asked 9 years, 2 months ago.

FireStream UPnP/DLNA server software for Mac

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Aug 15 '13 at Sorry, I meant to add this note but missed the edit timeout. The desktop clients will transcode on their own, but mobile clients make the Plex server do the transcoding for them. So if you run Plex Server on a "real computer" i. Section 1.

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Jeremy Baker Jeremy Baker 31 1 1 bronze badge. I've been using the PS3 media server.

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  • Undo 1, 7 7 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 42 42 bronze badges. Avi Avi 81 1 1 bronze badge. PS used on a Mac? Plex has recently added DNLA support, and is an excellent option. Please addd a link to Plex, so that the OP can find the correct software.

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    • Specify Machine Apparently there is a way to get plex to see twonky but I cant figure it Probably the best bet on a PPC is to get a distro of Ubuntu and go from there Mukura Mukura 1. Answer is informative, but I won't upvote until it's written a little more clearly. My equipment is I will rarely use it with my iPad but have the PlugPlayer app when I do. Jawa 2, 5 5 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges.