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Macintosh computers are often considered to be safer than those running Windows operating system, but a recently discovered attack techni Ashley Madison, an American most prominent dating website that helps married people cheat on their spouses has been hacked, has agreed t Some things online can never change like -- Terrible Passwords by Humans. When it's about various security measures to be taken Hackers have their hands on something of your concern.

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If you have no desire to get a separate Mac desktop computer, but want to either supersize your laptop's screen for gaming or need to get additional screen real estate while you work, then connecting your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro to an external display is the right For most of us, the primary reason we capture videos on our iPhones is to post on one of the various social media platforms out there, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, providing instant gratification by receiving a proverbial nod from our followers.

With so muc Privacy and security go hand in hand, especially for smartphones. When it comes to privacy, you decide what personal information about yourself is out there to discover. Security, on the other hand, is all about enforcing those privacy decisions. Sometimes privacy and securit On your iPhone, your phone number and Apple ID email address are the default ways in which somebody can contact you on FaceTime.

Taringa: Over 28 Million Users' Data Exposed in Massive Data Breach

While you can't remove your phone number as an option, you can remove your Apple ID email account. More importantly, you can add any other email add With data-mining apps hoping to sell your information for targeted ads, and government agencies only one subpoena away from knowing every detail of One of Android's most glaring weaknesses is its lack of an iMessage equivalent.

That is, of course, until now.

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There's one app that will allow Android users to experience iMessage on their non-Apple phone, complete with end-to-end encryption, message effects, and group messagi When it comes to hacking guides, most are written from the perspective of a Linux user. There are a few outliers, but it's mainly Linux, which leads to the idea that Linux is the only OS that's viable for hacking.

This couldn't be further from the truth. A properly set up Appl Let's say you gave your Wi-Fi password to your neighbor a while back, under the assumption that they'd only use it while they were at your house sharing stuff via Chromecast. But now, your connection is slower than it normally should be, and you have this sneaking suspicion th Anonymity is something that doesn't exist today. Everything you do in the world is tracked, from the purchases you make to surfing the internet—even taking pictures on your iPhone.

Everything you have ever said and done on the internet is still there—somewhere. This is called Whether you're performing a factory reset to get your device ready for sale or trade-in, or you're wiping your device in the hopes of fixing software issues, there's a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Sure, it seems like a simple task on the surface, but if you're not Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is one of the most versatile media players available. With it, you can play virtually any internet and media file in a large variety of formats, and it can be used on practically every single operating system out there, including iOS Kodi, an ADB and Fastboot are probably the most important tools for any Android aficionado.

They can do everything from backing up your device and changing your screen resolution to rooting your phone and opening it up to hundreds of tweaks and customizations. What's even better is tha Chrome is the browser of choice for millions of iPhone and Android users, largely thanks to its user-friendly interface and native Google support.

But with concerns over sharing private information with massive companies growing, many people are starting to want a little less On the surface, iOS Jailbreaking your iPhone means gaining access to thousands of tweaks and mods which greatly enhance the iOS experience, so this is It's easy to back up and restore your iOS devices using iCloud, but the trade off is that iCloud backups only include what Apple deems "the most important data," i.

Plus, you're limited to only 5 GB of data for free before needing to upgrade y Welcome back my, tenderfoot hackers!

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Many people come to Null Byte looking to hack Facebook without the requisite skills to do so. Facebook is far from unhackable, but to do so, you will need some skills, and skill development is what Null Byte is all about. Sometimes, if yo Thankfully, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are some of the most modder-friendly phones out there, so you only need to send a single fastboot command Like the majestic mountain structure it's named after, Apple's latest version of OS X, El Capitan, goes a little deeper to expand on the foundation laid by Yosemite. While the update may not be as monumental as some have hoped, it is an improvement and includes tons of useful For most carriers, "unlimited" data plans aren't really unlimited, and they still cost more than data limited plans.

So while subscribing to music streaming services and storing your own music library in the cloud may be more convenient, it may eat your data up like candy. If you're all out of prank ideas for April Fool's Day, we've got a few that your Apple-loving friends will enjoy or hate?

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You can have a little bit of fun if you don't have access to their iOS device or Mac, but for the best pranks, you will need access to their devices, ev Gmail conversations, Facebook private messages, and personal photos can all be viewed by a hacker who has backdoor access to a target's Mac. By livestreaming the desktop or exfiltrating screenshots, this information can be used for blackmail and targeted social engineering att If you're like us, you've been eagerly waiting to give this new feature a try on your iPhone ever since Apple announced it during WWDC back in June.

While it was never released in the main iOS Google just announced a partnership with Movies Anywhere that will allow you to connect your iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu movie library with Google Play Movies.

In other words, movies you purchase from any of these online retailers will be available for playback in the Google Play While it hasn't gotten as much attention as iOS 10, Apple's big Performance and stability improvements, as well as new features, are just some reasons to install iOS 12, but new changes mean new battery health challenges. It can be difficult to boost battery life while taking advantage of everything this update has to offer.

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Luckily, there Even though most phones don't have Oreo yet, Google has released Android 9. It's available on Google's own Pixel devices, and updates should soon be available to partnered devices from Essential, Nokia, Oppo, Sony, Vivo, and Xiaomi. We're already digging into it to highl Apple's iOS 11 is finally here, and while they showed off several of the new features it brings to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch back at WWDC , they've only just touched the surface of what iOS 11 has to offer.

There are a lot of cool new and sometimes secret feature While installing the new Android 9.

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To help you get the latest Android OS on your Google Pixel phone, we'll break down the whole process so using your Metasploit is an extremely popular pentesting tool capable of enumeration, exploitation, and injecting shell code, and is a part of almost every hacking toolkit. So there's no way I could leave this out of our series on getting your Mac set up for hacking. Luckily for those o Not only can I unlock my device, I can use the tech to log in to websites, make purchases through iTunes, and buy groceries at Walgreens using just my fingerprint. Still, as awesome as Next Page Prev Page.

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