Installare chiavetta vodafone su mac

Va tenuto presente che potrebbero insorgere anche problemi di garanzia, effettuando tali operazioni! Oppure ma solo se vi interessa mettervi alla prova come "programmatori" in alternativa al "Flash code", seguite quest'altra guida! E' riferito a quei firmware che come ultime cifre, dopo il puntino, non finiscono con.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband FAQs

E' il software contenuto nella chiavetta che al primo inserimento nella porta usb installa sia i driver, per il riconoscimento della stessa, che il programma per poter configurare la connessione ad internet! Il firmware possiamo consideralo come il sistema operativo del modem, responsabile quindi anche delle prestazioni. Avvertenza importantissima per chi intende compiere tale operazione: Se al momento del flash ti chiede la password, devi modificare anche lo STRING TABLES - 13 e immettere il numero, dopo l'ultimo punto del firmware attuale che hai sulla chiavetta vedi procedura ; poi fai compile script e salvi.

Nel mio tempo libero Then the solution: Guess the Firmware Update was needed.

Hey Dude.. Especially the one with connecting to the internet without using mobile partner. I was on Mac yosemite as I was not sure how to make my dongle work on the latest version. Its working on High Sierra Thank you for the article. Hi everybody, I need the help people who use Mac high Sierra. I can not find drivers to my modem Huawei E to set connection to internet. Big thanks to this page and the instructions from Sakty Rajasa above.

Installing Huawei E On macOS Sierra And macOS High Sierra -

I followed their instructions: I am in Spain, connecting with an Orange sim card. I have the settings Vendor: Generic, Model: From there I was able to connect, no problems. For why? Any advice?? Thank you so much in advance.

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Blog - Latest News You are here: I conducted the installation with the following set up: Cat4 DL: EDGE packet data service of up to Huawei Mobile Connect Driver for Mac software version 4. English Author: Huawei Platforms: Mac OS X Category: Huawei Date: February 9, Find more about me. Hope HUawei have noticed that as well..

OS X Mavericks, installare da ISO e chiavetta USB

Hi Andy, why did you not follow these instructions to solve your issue immediately? Cheers, Gee Are Reply. I got it to work by installing the drivers for the Huawei Reply. Dear Carol, Would you be so kind and post here a link to this drivers?

Mobile Broadband Software for Mac

Thanks in advance. It was pretty easy from what I remember so good luck. Good luck. Just had to install the driver file. I have Mac Sierra 10, Thank you very much.

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It worked for me on mac OS Sierra Reply. Its, Work thank you Reply.

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This works on Sierra with E Bsnl network. Nice to hear! Octavio has saved my day. Thanks a lot. I have Huawei E which I am unable to install.