Printer sharing mac to windows 7

In a mixed Windows operating system environment, it is possible that the environment may consist of bit and bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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On the Add Printer Wizard screen, click Next. On the Local or Network Printer window, select the radio button labeled A Network printer, or printer attached to another computer then click Next.

Windows 7 Host PC / HP LaserJet driver installation

On the Specify a Printer window, select the radio button labeled Browse for a Printer and click Next. Or if you already know the share path of the server and shared printer name, place a dot next to Connect to this printer or browse for a printer, select this option and click Next.

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After entering this information and clicking Next , Windows will attempt to connect to the shared driver. If the host Windows 7 PC and shared LaserJet printer can be seen on the network, proceed to the next step.

Mac Printer Sharing With Windows 7

At this point you will see a Connect to Printer window notifying that you are about to connect to the shared Windows 7 HP LaserJet printer. Click Yes to continue. Click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer. Click Next. Windows will automatically search for shared printers on the network. Click the Install Driver button when you are prompted to complete the installation.

How to connect Mac with Windows network - Demo windows 10

The installation will proceed automatically after this process is completed. Once the installation has completed, click Next on the Type a Printer Name window.


Page content loaded. Nov 11, AM. Thanks, acm I actually tried Bonjour several times this afternoon before sending my cry for help. Bonjour does not apparently work with Windows 10, certainly not reliably, at any rate, and I could get no response from it, and found no way of giving it a hint.

How to allow a windows 10 machine to prin… - Apple Community

Then, after testing my printer attached to a linux box - to which the Windows 10 machine would not connect either - I plugged the printer back into the Mac I had been planning to use. Seeing then your suggestion, I decided to try Bonjour once more, and to my surprise, there was my Mac and its attached printer. However it disappeared again before I had had time properly to install it, and has not since returned. I now have another problem.

Another Mac also has a problem with printing from this printer, even when it is attached to the original Mac.

How To Share A Printer In Windows 7 Without Password

The new Mac appears to send the document to the printer, and no error message is returned, but neither is there any document coming out of the printer. I am beginning to despair! Nov 11, PM. Unfortunately my printer stopped responding through network, which is why I now need to either fill the dump with another electronic device, or recycle it by using its USB and ''normal sharing'' capabilities Dec 22, PM. Select the user account you want to use when you connect to the Windows computer, then choose Create a Password. Once you have configured these two options, you must share a folder on the Windows computer.

To share a folder, right click on it, select Properties, then on the Sharing tab check the box next to Share this folder on the network. To connect to this shared folder from the Mac, make sure you are in a Finder window and choose Go, Connect to Server.

Make sure Network is selected in the Finder window when it opens up. Browse the network to find the computer you want to connect to, then click on the Connect button below its icon. You will then have to enter the user name for an account on the Windows machine and the password for that account before you can connect by clicking on OK.

A window will pop up where you can select from the shared folders on the Windows computer.