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Mitmproxy is a useful command-line proxy tool.

  • Charles Web Debugging Proxy • HTTP Monitor / HTTP Proxy / HTTPS & SSL Proxy / Reverse Proxy.
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A ton of features, including SSL support. Wireshark won't help you if you have to debug HTTPS requests unless you can get the encryption keys for both endpoints - see the Wireshark site for details. Firebug and Tamper Data are getting close, but for thorough analysis, I sometimes like to save a recorded session.

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It is a Java application serving as a http s proxy; it provides quite a lot of features and proved to be very helpful to me in the past. ZAP offers an easy autoconfiguration of Firefox.

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  7. Bear in mind to do that on a separate meaning: Paros works like a charm for me on my Ubuntu Jaunty x Just as simple as download, run, set proxy settings in browser to localhost: ParosProxy download: Paros hasn't been updated for many years. There are a number of Chrome store apps now. I'm using DHC by Restlet now. I personally find Wireshark to be quite easy to use. If you limit yourself to Firefox, the Tamper Data extension is pretty solid.

    Charles Proxy

    Betwixt - based on Chrome DevTools interface. Some additional options located on Ask Ubuntu. Another option is something that doesn't require a desktop app. Runscope is a "cloud" based proxy that let's you debug requests. It can't capture requests on localhost or internal networks, but if you're debugging apps or third-party API integrations over the public internet, it can help.

    You can also try Proxy. I found a new extension to Postman Nice tool for making http request Postman proxy it allows you to monitor http requests much the same way as fiddler does in windows.

    HTTP debugging proxy for Linux and Mac - Stack Overflow

    ZAP 2. I have used Fiddler on windows but for Linux i faced similar problem and during my search i came to know about ZAP. I am using it and it has a very rich user interface. George V.

    Reilly George V. Reilly See also: EricLaw EricLaw Thanks, Eric, for all the great work you've done with Fiddler. I'll be using that trick in future. Reilly Oct 25 '09 at So i understand the question. FunThomas You're confused.

    Debugging Tricky HTTP Problems with Fiddler and Charles

    Fiddler does run directly on Linux. It has also an user UI. From the command line run mitmweb Set up your app to use a proxy server and point it at http: Very similar to the Google Chrome Console "Network" tab.

    Francisco Luz 1, 1 14 Minor bug fixes. New website launched. Follow charlesproxy on Twitter. Minor new features and bug fixes.

    Web Debugging Proxy Application for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

    Experimental 64 bit Windows support. Better Mobile Application Testing with Charles Proxy by Andrew Bardallis A comprehensive walkthrough of using Charles to observe and modify traffic, including using it with mobile devices. I Love Charles Charles review on flashgroup. Charles is developed by XK All content is copyright Site design by Matthew Buchanan. Read More. Show more news Major new features, bug fixes and enhancements.

    Minor features and bug fixes. Major changes especially to SSL. Major new features. Release Notes 28 Jan Charles 3. Download and more information on my blog.

    [2-minute Tutorial] How To Install SSL Certificate for Charles Web Debugging Proxy on iPhone - Mac

    Bug fixes and minor new features. Minor bug fixes, minor new features. Fixes SSL bug on Java 1. Fixes launch bug on computers that haven't used Charles before.