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AppTrap fixes that by keeping track of the hidden support files you apps make. It runs in the background and when you toss an app into the trash it asks if you want to get rid of its support files, too.

Our favorite Mac cleanup tips

If you say yes, it moves all of those extra pieces into the trash for you. AppTrap is a free download. Cocktail is like an all-in-one package for helping your Mac run smoothly, and it can clean out old cache files users, the internet, applications, the system. Otherwise manually take a tour of your trash folder so that you can restore important files back to their location and proceed with permanent deletion of files from the trash.

Which of the above trash looks cleaner and better on El Capitan? You decide.

4 Options for Clearing Up Space on Your Mac's Hard Drive or SSD - The Mac Observer

No surprises, if you are surprised to check out the Size of the folder due to presence of unwanted files. The iTunes application will list up all the duplicate music files by name, artists or group items. To remove the duplicate files from the hard drive you first need to uncheck the original files and keep checked all the duplicate items. Now click on Edit from iTunes menu bar and click Delete. Let me share with you that there is an otherwise better solution to remove iTunes, iPhoto, iMovies, iWork and Aperture duplicate files by using Smart Finder application.

The plus part is that your Mac OS X gets good amount of hard drive spaces by removal of large stockpile of caches. If your Mac hard drive is dying on free spaces, giving you hiccups or freezing at the best part of your OS X computing then you shall always go ahead to clean this culprit knows by the name — CACHES.

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  • How to Clean my Mac OS X El Capitan Hard Disk Drive.

This tool reaches to the deeper location of the hard drive where mouse cursor may not reach. Run this tool now and you will clean all the junks including logs, unwanted language files, binaries, extensions and system junks from the hard drive.

How to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery

Coming back to the minus part of deleting the caches is some of the OS X apps, mostly browsers may behave slower than before. Mac hard drive cleaning is incomplete without uninstallation of unwanted freeware, shareware, widgets and plugins.

Show your Mac OS X that you care for its cleanliness and remove all sorts of useless and unused software to a location they deserve the most i. Let me also remind you again to empty the trash. Some misery of slowness never ends which is why you should go for fresh installation of the OS X El Capitan.

Though technical, but simple procedure of cleaning an old copy of sluggish and freezing Mac and replacing it with new one. Be prepared for an OS X performance evolution and leave me your thoughts. Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar addressing several data loss scenarios on a macOS system.

He loves to read autobiographies and his personal favourite is of Steve Jobs. View More.

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Hi, after reading this awesome article i am also cheerful to share my knowledge here with friends. However, in the near future the software will provides support with Mac Sierra also. Vishal, it seems to appear that this article is written for Mac El Capitan only. A lot of software you install tend to sneak their own processes into your startup items. Often times these processes can be absolutely unnecessary.

You should periodically check and clean up your startup items list. You will find startup items at: Note that in order to remove startup items, you need to click the little minus button below the list. The little checkboxes are for hiding startup items they will still run. Be careful not to remove stuff you might actually need. Many kids of supporting files are constantly being created by different applications. Ultimately these become useless and can be safely removed. This not only frees up space on the hard drive, but also makes the system faster and more efficient.

Highly recommended. MacPaw are one of my favorite software companies. Besides Clean My Mac, they have also created an application called Gemini. Gemini 2 is a godsend for me. I always end up with lots of duplicate files on my hard drive. Gemini 2 solves this problem in a very sleek way. It searches your hard drive or the folders you choose and uses an intelligent process to identify files that are potential duplicates or similars yes it can even look through your photos and identify ones that are not identical but look similar.

It then lets you look at the list of files and make the decisions. Gemini lets you preview files straight from the interface. It shows exactly where the different files are located and lets you jump to look at them in Finder which is very helpful.

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  • OS X Maintenance – How to Clean Up and Speed Up Your Mac OS X?

Over time the iTunes library becomes riddled with differently named versions of the same tracks. What is cool with Gemini 2 is once I have my list of potential duplicates, I can use the preview function and listen to the files straight from Gemini 2. When it comes the time to remove duplicates, Gemini 2 actually launches iTunes to do it properly without me having to do a thing. Very cool. This is because each icon takes up some RAM. The solution is easy: Use a different folder. I am always quick to install security updates.

1. Maintaining the OS X File System via Disk Utility

However, I have grown wary when it comes to upgrading the entire operating system. I have had enough first hand experience of these problems in the past. I prefer not to risk it anymore. So when I have a setup that works well, I try to stick to it for as long as I can. The same obviously goes for the other software on your computer.